Performance Testing

Applications fail to meet end-user expectations when performance engineering is carried out at the very end of the software development lifecycle. RICEFW employs performance engineering right at the design stage of the development life cycle. This helps us build solutions with a quantifiable ROI.

Three key aspects of RICEFW's performance engineering approach:

  • Defining performance: Comprehending the customer's perception of performance and re-evaluating from user's view point,competition and industry standards.

  • Building performance: Improve your knowledge of building fundamentals and building performance analysis tools.

  • Measuring performance: Tracking relevant metrics to measure product /application performance against the objective.

Our performance engineering services help develop software products and applications that perform optimally in normal as well as extreme load conditions. This significantly reduces the number of failures related to performance and availability. We offer performance engineering services across a wide range of verticals and applications, based on client server, web technologies, web services and ERP.

RICEFW Performance engineering methodology:

RICEFW follows a four step methodology for executing end to end performance engineering.



  • LoadRunner

  • Silk Performer

  • JMeter