RICEFW Insurance Capability

Our experience runs deep in the General Insurance industry and, in particular, in the US Market. On an average Our Consultants have over a decade insurance industry experience to meet Insurance industry challenges and changes.

Our Consultants have experience in agile technical solutions that remove inefficiencies and reduce the cost base for insurers operating in the general insurance market.

The projects our consultants worked are varied, but a common denominator is to bring about greater efficiency. Whether it’s establishing a robust audit-focused operation, extending capabilities of existing systems, reducing claims leakage or automating complex process– Our consultants have been instrumental in helping large insurers save money.

Our Professionals unmatched experience in Insurance Types/ Systems (Mainframes/Java Platforms) that enhance process efficiency and improve service delivery.

Insurance Types

Insurance Systems

  • Auto

  • Life

  • Property

  • Health

  • Umbrella


  • Policy Administration

  • Billing Management

  • First Notice Of Loss (FNOL)

  • Insurance Claims System

  • Business Intelligence

  • Guidewire Suite