EZ Onboard (DevOps Onboard Automation)

  • EZ Onboard is an Intuitive User Interface Self-service DevOps Onboarding tool developed by RICEFW Technologies and powered by a cloud platform that provides the end-to-end DevOps onboarding toolchain which automates the creation of modern Source Code Repositories such as Git projects and enables continuous integration tools such as Jenkins, sonar and artifactory for the projects being On-boarded.
  • EZ Onboard DevOps easily integrates with third-party solutions and provides the flexibility of language Agnostic APIs.
  • EZ Onboard provides single-point DevOps reporting dashboards with configurable widgets to share the consolidated statistics of onboarding activities and near real-time build statistics.
  • EZ Onboard is built using cloud-native technologies which help the system to deploy either on cloud or on-premises.


EZ Onboard provide several advantages to the Project DevOps Teams, here are some

  • Improves Core DevOps Lead time: EZ Onboard allows teams to execute the planned work, automating manual onboarding activities. So that Developers can focus on core DevOps business features that can improve lead time
  • Time Saver: EZ Onboard allows organizations to reduce the Project Onboarding time from multiple days to a few minutes and improves DevOps activities at a faster pace than the multi-stakeholder manual onboarding process.
  • Budget Saver: EZ Onboard saves huge budget for the organizations (avoid man hours).
  • 100% Accuracy: EZ Onboard provides 100% accuracy in the onboarding process in contrast to manual error-prone processes.
  • Tracking/Reporting: EZ Onboard dashboard provides the complete track of all requests along Summarized/In detail view of total onboarding requests breakdown by teams.